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What Reality Television Has Taught Us

Reality television shows have made many average people think of what it would take to become like these people. Whether this means trying to act more like those who appear on certain reality shows, such as the Housewives or even trying to accomplish what people do when they are stranded on islands. However, one of the biggest crazes that reality television has brought about is the saving money craze that is seen on "Extreme Couponing" that appears on TLC.

This show is all about how people use coupons in order to save money on their everyday groceries, which is great. However, these are extreme couponers, so they may go and buy a cart load of items for just a few dollars, yet this may be nothing but personal hygiene products or a certain brand of boxed meals. The popularity of this show has brought to attention that you can save money with coupons. Yet, it has also affected just how stores and manufacturers have responded to how many coupons they release to the public and it has forced many stores to rethink their couponing policy.

With all that we can learn from this show, we can also learn some things that we should not be doing:

  • 1. Do not buy an entire store out of a product that is going to last you for the next year so. Don't be greedy, save some for other people.
  • 2. Stock piling is fine, but do not let this overrun your home
  • 3. Saving money is great, but do not go the extreme of only allowing your family to eat products you purchase with coupons

There are quite a few other reality televisions on TV that have taught us a few lessons, for the good and some lessons that we would be best to forget.

  • 1. Top Chef has taught us all that we need to look at the taste balance of a dish, rather than just serving anything we decide on
  • 2. We all now know how to pose better for a picture thanks to "American's Next Top Model"
  • 3. We can also learn the perils of letting any and all moves recorded for live television thanks to the moments these reality television stars have that they probably wish was secret

In all seriousness, reality television shows are meant for entertainment. Those who believe that this is the real life of these people, may want to think again. Those who are on reality television are depicting just a small amount of their lives. Otherwise, if viewers were to watch the mundane activities they did everyday, it would not be a hit show. What we, as viewers, need to remember is that these shows are for entertainment. Yes, we may take away a few tidbits that can help us in life, such as how to take a better picture, or how to coupon and save a bit of money. But we can also learn behavior that is not something to be proud of.

For the most part, I will continue to watch reality television shows, as they are entertaining and something that can make me laugh, make me think, and even make me cry. They seem to have it all. However, I will not become an extreme couponer any time soon (although I have to recognize that I like to try free makeup samples of this page), nor will I believe that I am good enough to have my own cooking show. Those who watch reality television shows need to face facts, they are only half reality, but they are wholly entertaining for those of us who are looking for entertainment that does not take a lot of concentration.